We help organizations implement and communicate sustainability management solutions as part of their strategy and business model.

We offer convenient and effective solutions in sustainability for businesses, organizations, and municipalities. 


Our experts help organizations respond to changes in the business environment whereas today more requirements are made to sustainability, the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) criteria of organizations

We help with: 

  • Definition and Implementation of ESG

  • Selection, integration, and communication of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, (SDGs)

  • Optimization of resources and adaptation of the value chain and value creation strategy often called the Circular Economy

  • Fulfillments of legislation and directives and appropriate change management strategies

  • Setting strategies for safeguarding Brand protection and  ‘Social License to operate’ 


We offer a program of training, lectures, and workshops that help organizations progress with changes towards the circular economy

Here are some examples of workshops we have held:

  • Sustainability reporting and social impact assessment

  • Designing for Value Creation through Social Innovation

  • Working with global standards, guidelines and frameworks to build strategies and measure progress 

  • Responsible Investing 

  • Social License to Operate and the possible impact on organization brands

  • Brainstorming session for an organization on sustainability strategies and how to take the first steps in the implementation

  • Idea generation and Social Business Model Canvas

  • Open Space Scenarios 



Our experts and consultants assist you in identifying and analysing key performance indicators preparing your organisation and structure for success

  • How are regulations and frameworks followed through in your organisation (ESG  guidance, UN SDGs, UN Global Compact, GRI Standard, UN PRI and IR)

  • Collection and transfer of operational data into environmental footprint

  • Evaluation and selection of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

  • Comparison of KPIs with local and global standards through benchmarking 

  • How is your organisation structured for success

  • Identifying possibilities of data-streaming and hosting  through advanced digital solutions in sustainability reporting


We help collect, validate and report on economic , social and environmental information 

Reliable and transparent information for marketing and stakeholder communication purposes is important.

Our experts have access to digital solutions, collecting and streaming relevant information that can be called for operational, marketing or corporate purposes.

  • ESG reporting (Environmental, Social and Governance)

  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) reporting

  • Reporting on the Principles of Responsible Investing (PRI)

  • Reporting on Green Bond Principles (GBP)

  • Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)

  • SDGs reporting (UN Sustainable Development Goals)

  • Integrated Reporting (IR)

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